Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Why We Are Different

  • We are less expensive.
  • We offer you a simple approach to your Web design, Web programming and/or e-marketing needs. We guide you through all the complex issues and help you navigate the way to a successful Web presence. And we teach you what you need to know to succeed on the Web today.
  • You don't need to know anything about the Web (but if you do, that's fine too). After hiring us, you'll have your business or idea translated into a new and fully-functional but inexpensive Web site that has beautiful design, superb usability, robust technology, and if desired, a brilliant e-marketing plan to promote it.
  • We’re looking to develop long-term business relationships with clients.
  • We do not offer cookie cutter solutions, website templates, or try to fit you into a category that works for us. Instead, we approach each client's needs and desires with a fresh perspective and consider every client unique.
  • We give very personalized service, you will not get lost among a long list of clients. We take on workloads that allow for every client to utilize all our talents and customer service.
  • Our mission is to create a far better and more useful Web for everyone
  • Show us any competitor's quote and we'll do the same for 10% less.
  • We are Web specialists, not another kind of business that dabbles in Web work. If you want the best, go to a specialist.
  • Your company's Web presence and profits are made up of equally important parts and are dependent on the effectiveness of each of these parts taken as a whole - our approach is all-encompassing:
    • Design, look & feel, graphic arts
    • Computer programming code to run applications
    • Marketing elements, strategies and campaigns
  • We don't specialize in only one of these areas of the Web, we do it all, equally well.
  • We are a full service Web shop that will meet all your web presence needs and beyond.
  • Our Focus is to increase profits and efficiency for your business by leveraging the Web.
  • We offer a FREE consultation to discuss with you ways to improve your Web presence and increase profits.