Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How to Disable SMB 2.0 on Windows Vista/2008

I recently ran into this issue during a vulnerability assessment performed at work, so I figured I would add it here so that maybe it will help someone else out.

Server Message Blocks Protocol (SMB) is the file sharing protocol used by default on Windows-based computers. SMB 1.0 was designed for early Windows network operating systems such as Microsoft LAN Manager and Windows for Workgroups, but until Windows Server 2008 and Vista, all Microsoft-based operating systems continued to use it more or less in its original format.

SMB 2.0 was introduced in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. SMB 2.0 is designed for the needs of the next generation of file servers. Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista support both SMB 1.0 and SMB 2.0 in order to preserve backward compatibility.

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How to Configure LDAP on HP Multifunction Printers

One of the convenient features of the HP LaserJet Multifunction Printer (MFP) series is the ability to populate the email address book with email addresses by utilizing email address stored in ldap. This function is especially useful in Windows Active Directory environments. Once ldap connectivity is established with a domain controller, network user changes are immediately displayed and accessible at the printer. This article will walk you through the steps needed to configure ldap connectivty between an HP MFP and Windows Active Directory.

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How to Reset Cisco Password

In this blog article, I will explain how to perform a password rest on your Cisco ASA security appliance.  The more commonly used term for this procedure is password recovery which is from the days when you could view passwords in configuration files in plain text.  Today, passwords are encrypted and not actually recoverable.  Instead, you will gain access to the appliance via the console port and reset the password(s) to new values.

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