Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Custom Web Programming

Why should you have a Web Application? Because they give you the ability to quickly and effectively manage the information and content of your website. Web Applications are just like any other programs on your computer; however, they exist on the internet, rather than reside on your local personal computer. It would be like accessing an online version of Microsoft Word or Excel from the internet, and you could add, organize, and delete information on the data your business or organization generates.

Web Applications have so many uses that it would be nearly impossible to list them all here. Some examples, however, include billing & invoicing systems, staff management, time cards, online reservation booking, customer tracking, project management, online auctions, blog publishing, online training or shopping systems.

The most beneficial reason to have a web application is because you can access your data from any internet source: Home, office, hotel, coffee shop, etc. Since website applications are web-driven, there is no need to install management software on a computer. Instead, you simply navigate your web browser to the web address of your application (usually behind your website), and login to the system.

Even if all you want is a web site, a web application, which allows you to change the information in your website as often as you like, will give you two advantages:

  • More return visitors:  Web sites with current and regularly changing information have the most return visitors. New or updated information attracts Web browsers to your site and enhances your business.
  • Keeping pace with the change that is inevitable in business: Prices change, inventory changes, dates and times change, and employees change. Change is one of the most brutal laws' of business, and if you don't change, you won't grow. The same applies to your website.

We have years of experience developing custom web applications for our clients. We provide secure, flexible and cost-effective web applications that turn your vision into reality. We work with you during the process so that the web application meets the needs of your company or organization. Whether you need to integrate a custom inventory cataloging system, want online integration with QuickBooks, could use an online calendar, or need a custom shipping calculator, West Kentucky Digital Designs can develop the online solution that your business needs.