Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Web Design

Unique Web Design that makes you stand out

Confusing and incomplete websites drive people away. We use no cookie-cutter website designs or "marketing solutions". While design is a factor, it takes more to ensure that your website is easy to use, contains what they need and encourages them to buy, sign up, etc.

Get a unique website that includes vital factors designed to represent you well, increase visitor traffic to your website, and encourage sales, signups and inquiries once they're there:

  • professional-looking web design
    Your website must look professional to represent you well and instill a feeling in your customers that you are "the right company" to do business with.
  • design pertinent to your company and industry
    Your website's overall "look and feel" should be pertinent to your subject matter -- it should "make sense" to your customers. It can also be based on brochures or other materials.
  • website development -- what should your website include?
    Designing a website and knowing what to include are two different things. Website development includes taking into account your company's goals and marketing strategies -- as well as knowing how much to say and when to stop.
  • website usability -- ease of use
    Ever been to a website that you knew had what you wanted -- but you couldn't find it? Or a website that was missing important data upon which to base a purchase? Or you just plain couldn't get the website to work?
  • ad copy writing
    There's a difference between presenting your products or services and writing ad copy that appeals to your customers.
  • effective images
    We'll create images -- or use yours -- to convey your products and services in a clear and appealing manner.
  • search-engine friendly web design for visibility and traffic
    Websites don't just "happen" to rank highly in search engines. The way a website is built -- from the ground up -- effects how it places in search engines. We'll use our years of knowhow to ensure your website isn't "invisible" on the Web.
  • search engine and directory submissions
    How your submissions are written has everything to do with whether they're accepted. Once your website is complete, we'll write your submissions to Yahoo, LookSmart and Netscape's Open Directory Project.
  • Other
    Need a database? Web hosting? Domain name? Logo? Order forms? Website redesign? We do it all.

Make the most of your marketing dollar. We'll ensure that you get precisely what you need -- no more, no less. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation and quote.